How we prosecute property management companies.

At, we prioritize fairness and adherence to state and local regulations in the rental industry. If you receive a demand from us, take it seriously because we have the resources to make a legitimate claim cost you way more than simply returning a security deposit.

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Deposits Returned


Returned to renters to date.
We work tirelessly to help renters get their security deposits back. communicates directly with state regulators to field complaints and claims against property management companies.

Complaints forwarded to state regulators by trigger trust account audits. If you are at all unsure if you'd pass one or maybe you aren't even doing bank reconciliations, think wisely before doing anything but agreeing to our settlement offer.

Claim is Filed

Tenants file a free complaint form.

When a tenant believes that they have been charged erroneously on their security deposit settlement they can let us know. After reviewing the claim for legitimacy, we build a strategy to help them recover as much as possible.

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Demand Letter

We send you a demand letter and offer a settlement.

Our first offer is whatever your prior renter's claim amount was plus our success fee. The cost to settle only goes up from the first offer and if we are forced to involve lawyers, you betcha we will include our thousand dollar an hour attorneys fees.

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Accept or Reject the settlement

Avoid embarrassment and distraction by accepting the first settlement offer.

By accepting the settlement, the case will be confirmed as closed and no further adverse action will be taken. We pride ourselves in being fair while also adhering to local rules and regulations around tenant and landlord issues.


Deny or ignore our settlement offers and face legal actions.

If a settlement is ignored or denied, we will file a complaint with your local regulatory agency which will likely result in actions from them while we reserve the right to pursue legal action that will 100% cost you more than what's being claimed.

The Consequences of Rejecting the Settlement

What Happens If You Get Audited

Ignoring a valid settlement offer triggers a formal complaint with your local regulatory agency, initiating a process that property managers may wish to avoid. This can lead to additional legal expenses and potential fines.

Why Accepting the Settlement is Beneficial

By acknowledging and accepting valid settlement offers, property managers can maintain their reputation, avoid the hassles and costs associated with a lawsuit or audit, and uphold the trust of their tenants.

How to Accept the Settlement Offer

To accept the settlement offer, simply follow the instructions provided by our team.
We will guide you through the process and ensure a smooth resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about getting audited.

What is the claim process?

Renters submit our initial claim form (free) and we review it for legitimacy and likelihood of success. We will likely reach out for more information or evidence if we think we need more information for a higher chance of success.

What happens if property managers refuse to accept the settlement?

If property managers refuse to accept the settlement, they may face legal consequences and further actions from their state's regulatory agency. We strongly advise property managers to cooperate and resolve the issue amicably before resorting to lawsuits.

Settle Today.

Settling resolves the matter and avoids any further legal action.